Lunch of the week

Week 25

All our lunch dishes include brewed coffee.

Now "Lunch of the Week" has gone on summer break and will be back again on August 12.

During this period, our à la carte menu is served all day long and sometimes we put up a special dish on the chalkboard.

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175 kr
Chicken fricassee with roasted potatoes, broccoli and tarragon sauce


175 kr
Roasted pork chop with blue cheese sauce, baked tomato and new potatoes


175 kr
Steamed pollock fillet with cabbage, dill, white wine sauce and boiled potatoes


175 kr
Meatballs with cream sauce, raw lingonberries, pickles and mashed potatoes


A la carte

Meat of the week

275 kr
Sirloin steak with bearnaise sauce, tomato salad and fries

Fish of the week

275 kr
Baked haddock fillet with gubbrara, spinach, browned butter and new potatoes

Vegetarian of the week

225 kr
Halloumi burger with chili mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce, onion and fries

Dessert of the week

95 kr
Pannacotta with raspberries and crushed meringue

Toast skagen

215 kr / 325 kr
Served with fried bread topped with Kalix onion roe

Caesar salad

275 kr / 295 kr
with chicken & bacon or with shrimp

J's seafood roll

285 kr
Crayfish, shrimp, crab, lemon aioli, chips & ranch dressing

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